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    FAQs Anmeldung & Vorab-Infos


    Of course it can happen that you do not want to start. For such cases we offer a Flex-Option. The Flex-Option can be booked in the course of registration. This allows you to postpone your starting place to the following year.

    Transfer, sale, assignment or similar is prohibited according to the conditions of participation. For organisational and legal reasons, no exceptions can be made. If someone starts with someone else’s start number, both the start place holder and the person taking over the start place will be excluded from future events.


    Basically with a half marathon. The half marathon time +15 to 25 minutes can be used as a general guideline for the final time.

    No, only between 3-8 participants run the entire course. Most of the participants will walk more or less often.


    The weather conditions in the high alpine terrain can vary. Basically, specific mountain running and trail running shoes are recommended. An ideal shoe is, for example, the Viking Footwear.

    For safety reasons, the use of poles is strictly prohibited. The risk of injury for 900 participants is too high on the partly narrow course.

    In high alpine locations, weather caprices cannot be ruled out even in summer. The organiser reserves the right to require participants to wear compulsory equipment at the start in the event of bad weather conditions. This will be announced the evening before at the latest. In such a case, a start without this compulsory equipment is not permitted. Minimum components of the compulsory equipment are a rucksack, functioning and charged mobile phone, a rescue blanket, gloves, hat/cap, long trousers and a waterproof and warm jacket. This measure is solely for the safety of the participants.

    FAQs Event 2021

    Note: An update of the FAQs will take place in June 2022.

    Before the event

    Registration is located in the House of the Ibexes in the centre of the village.


    Opening hours:

    Friday: 12:00 – 20:00

    Saturday: 05:30-20:00h

    Sunday: 06:30-10:00am

    1. Confirmation of registration
    2. Official photo ID
    3. 3G proof (antigen self-tests, which are accepted as part of “Austria tests”, can be purchased in the merchandise shop). By decree, participants are obliged to keep this proof available for the duration of their stay.

    Points 1), 2) and 3) are mandatory in order to receive the starting documents.

    Make sure you know your race number and have all the documents from “Bring to Registration” with you when you arrive for registration. Your race number will also be on your registration confirmation, which you received on 2 July.

    The official merchandise shop is located in the Haus der Steinböcke.


    Shop opening hours:

    Friday: 12:00 – 20:00

    Saturday: 05:30 – 20:00

    Sunday: 06:30 – 10:00 hrs

    The voucher for pre-ordered merchandise is in your starter pack. You can collect the item from the merchandise shop by presenting your voucher. You will receive your finisher blanket after your arrival at the finish line.

    You will receive your personal race number with integrated timing chip when you receive your race documents. Please attach your race number to your chest or to a race number ribbon so that it is clearly visible.

    Participants need their start number for the Pasta Party, which will take place in the tennis hall next to the starting area, as the entrance and exit will be recorded due to COVID-19 regulations. No access without race number. Accompanying persons can buy vouchers in the merchandise. Payment on site is not possible. Registration at the table is required by regulation for all visitors. Accompanying persons must also register at the entrance.

    The Heiligenblut Tourist Office in the Haus der Steinböcke is at your disposal for all information.

    The discounted price is €33,50/car (€4 saving). The voucher, which can be purchased at the Heiligenblut Tourist Office (in the Haus der Steinböcke), must be handed in at the toll booth. At the toll station, you will receive a ticket with a number plate. If you are planning a second trip this season, you can buy another ticket for €13.

    On the day of the competition

    The bus shuttle is only available to mountain run participants. Due to official Covid-19 regulations only participants are allowed to use the shuttle bus. From 11:00 a.m. the shuttle buses will bring the participants from the finish area to Heiligenblut. The start number must be presented here.

    On Sunday it is possible to drive up to the finish area at any time, as the road is not closed. It is recommended to arrive in time due to limited parking spaces.

    Please put the clothes you will need at the finish in the clothes bag. Double check that the number on the garment bag matches your race number. The meeting point for the clothes transport is in front of the Hotel Heiligenblut. For organisational reasons it is not possible to bring backpacks. In addition, for safety reasons it is not permitted to take drinks with you on the clothes transport. In the past, drinks have leaked out and clothes have become wet as a result. After every second starting block the clothes transport leaves the starting area. Last clothes transport mountain run: 10:10 a.m.

    The starting block division must be adhered to without exception.
    Participants who do not start in the allocated starting block will automatically receive a penalty time of 10 minutes. Accompanying persons may accompany the participants to the start. For the mountain race there are access regulations to the starting area.

    Participants will be admitted at the following times:
    Raiffeisen Glockner Hereos & Start block 1 from 07:30
    Start block 2 & 3 from 08:45
    Start block 4 & 5 from 09:25

    Access to the start area will be controlled at the Pension Hois or the Kärntnerhof.

    Four aid stations are located along the course. There you will receive Arthrobene Sport, water, bananas and oranges.

    The Grossglockner Mountain Run leads through protected areas of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Leaving paths or the marked route is strictly forbidden. Littering (e.g. gels, packaging, cups, etc.) is only allowed 10 metres before and after each refreshment station.

    There is a rescue car at both the start and the finish

    The time limit is 3:30 hours. There are time limits already at the refreshment stations. Runners who do not pass refreshment station 3 (Margaritzenstausee) by 12:15 or refreshment station 4 (Gletscherbahn) by 12:45 will be taken out of the race by the final runners.

    After the finish

    The clothes collection point is located on the 1st floor of the car park on the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe.

    In the finish area, participants will receive free refreshments. Due to official covid-19 requirements, the target catering is somewhat simpler and only packaged units are issued. Furthermore, only participants are allowed to enter the target catering area. Menus and substantial meals will be offered at the Freiwandeck restaurant on the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. The target catering is located on the 1st floor. Admission is only possible with a start number. Participants are obliged to follow the one-way rule.

    Participants have the possibility to shower free of charge in the indoor swimming pool Heiligenblut (under the parking garage in the village) from 14:00 to 19:00. The start number is valid as an entrance ticket.

    The results can be found on the homepage at www.mythosglockner.com. As of this month, the certificates will also be available for download in the results list.

    The top 3 in each age group can come and collect their prizes at the House of Ibexes. The Overall Award Ceremony (WMRA World Cup) will take place in the Albert Wirth Hall in the Haus der Steinböcke. Admission will be granted to the Top 10 w/m, media, as well as officials of the World Mountain Running Association and the organisation.

    Everyone will be photographed along the course at marked photo points. The photos will be available for download at www. sportograf.com from Wednesday after the event at the latest.

    Everyone will receive an SMS with their personal finisher time.

    Located in the starting area, in the tennis hall and in the House of the Ibexes and in the village centre.


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