19.7.2015 Großglockner Berglauf


Thursday, 13th of July 2018

18:00 Culinary evening with National Park Hohe Tauern Carinthia highlights


12:00-20:00 Start Grossglockner Myth Expo
12:00-20:00 Registration & Grossglockner Myth Merchandise Shop
15:00 Programme in the Myth Grossglockner Expo
15:00 Kids Bike course powered by Kinderhotels in the Expo
16:00 Dirndl & Lederhosen Run powered by Stroh Rum
17:00-19:30 Kelag Energy Pasta Party
20:00 presentation from mental trainer Wolfgang Seidl in the village room Heiligenblut

Saturday, 14th of July 2018

05:30-20:00 Registration & Grossglockner Myth Merchandise Shop
05:30 Start Grossglockner Myth Expo
07:00 Start Grossglockner Bike Challenge
13:30 Award ceremony Grossglockner Bike Challenge in the Grossglockner Myth Expo
16:00 “Kleine Zeitung” Kids & Youth Run powered by Viking Footwear
17:00 Kelag Energy Pasta Party and Nation Ceremony

Sunday, 15th of July 2018

06:30-10:00 Registration & Grossglockner Myth Merchandise Shop
06:30-10:00 Grossglockner Myth Expo
9:15 Warm up with Uniqa VitalCoach
9:30 Start Grossglockner Mountain Run
11:45 Start Reiffeisen Glockner Heroes
14:00 Award ceremony in the finishing area
from 19:00 After-Race-Party with DJ, picture show at the Laterndl powered by Hirter Beer

*Subject to modifications