19.7.2015 Großglockner Berglauf



What ist compareable with the Grossglockner Mountain Run?
Basically the Grossglockner Mountain Run is compareable with a half marathon. For your end time estamation add approx. 15-20min to you last half marathon time.

How many participants finish the run?
Compared to other sport events the quote of finishers is very high. In 2014 99,4% of the participants finished the run. Participants who quite on the course can ask for help and support at the aid stations. Four aid stations are provided.

Do the parcipants run the whole course?

Just the world elite runners run the whole course. Age grouper also enjoy walking in steeper section!

How does 2016 the allocation of the starting waves works?
There are 4 starting waives at the mountain run, furthermore the Starting of the Glockner Heroes. The Glockner Heroes are the top 100 finisher of the last year incl. the elite runners. In case of solid weather, the Glockner Heroes start 2hrs and 15min behind the last regular waive. If the weather is not fair (in case of heat, rain or snow) the Glockner Heroes start together with waive 1. In starting waive 1 and 2 are participants of the years 2014 and 2015. In starting waive 3 and 4 are participants taking part the other athletes. The half marathon time is no longer a benchmark for the start waive allocation.

Which shoes are recommended for the run?
We highly recommend specific Trailrunning Shoes. A perfect shoe ist for example the Pinnacle M from Viking Footwear

Is it allowed to use Nordic Walking Poles?
For saftey reasons poles are forbidden.